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THE LEGEND OF THE NINE-TAILED FOX, a dark fantasy in which a nine-tailed fox demon must escape the deepest circles of Hell with the very hunter who banished her there.(Coming Fall 2025 from Saga Press)

Currently Writing

PROJECT ROBIN HOOD, a contemporary romcom in which an MIT computer science dropout must team up with a retired thief to bring down a dangerous criminal empire.

PROJECT INK, a dark magical fantasy (duology?) in which three unlikely strangers must work together to find and kill the man who wronged them all.

About The Author

Katrina Kwan was born January 20, 1995 in Vancouver, Canada. She graduated in 2017 from Acadia University with a BA in Political Science with Honors, after which she spent a year in the finance sector.Shortly thereafter, Kwan decided to pursue her childhood love of writing and worked her way into the world of freelance ghostwriting. She has collaborated with several clients over the years writing romance novels published under various pseudonyms, some of which have gone on to become bestsellers.When she isn't writing, Kwan tends to her growing collection of houseplants, catches up on her TBR list, and spends time with her husband and two cats.She writes both fantasy and romance, often dealing with mature themes which may be more suitable for adult readers.


50-Word Bio

Katrina Kwan is a Vancouver-based fantasy and romance author. 2024 will be a busy year, as her debut contemporary romcom, Knives, Seasoning, and A Dash of Love is set to release in August, and her debut adult fantasy, The Last Dragon of the East, is set to release October 2024.

100-Word Bio

Katrina Kwan is a Vancouver-based fantasy and romance author. With six years of experience as a romance ghostwriter, she is very excited to finally be writing stories under her own name. When she isn’t busy writing, she can be found catching up on her TBR list, playing with her two cats, and desperately trying to keep her houseplants alive. Her debut contemporary romcom, Knives, Seasoning, and A Dash of Love is set to release in August 27th, 2024, and her debut adult fantasy, The Last Dragon of the East, is set to release October 8th, 2024.

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Raves & ReviewsFor The Last Dragon of the East“This sweeping romantic fantasy has it all: epic journeys, characters to root for, and a romance that spans the ages. Packed full of mythology and gorgeously lush prose, the banter between the ever-upbeat Sai and the surly, secretive Jyn is top-notch. The twists kept me turning pages until I reached the incredibly satisfying, heartwarming conclusion. An absolutely swoony, thrilling adventure!”
–Keshe Chow, author of The Girl With No Reflection
The Last Dragon of the East is an enchanting tale of destiny and devotion. Led by captivating characters and rich with tender romance, this book asks us how far we would go for those we love.”
—Kylie Lee Baker, The Sunday Times bestselling author of The Scarlet Alchemist
“Katrina Kwan weaves Chinese myths of dragon gods and threads of fate into a delightfully heart wrenching romantic fantasy. I adored Jyn and Sai’s grumpy sunshine dynamic (one of my all time favourite tropes!) and their push-pull dynamic. Lush, epic, swoony!”
—A.Y. Chao, author of Instant #1 The Sunday Times bestseller Shanghai Immortal

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Inspired by Chinese myths of ancient dragon gods and threads of fate, Katrina Kwan’s dazzling fantasy debut is a propulsive adventure perfect for fans of Sue Lynn Tan and Hannah Whitten.At the spry young age of twenty-five, Sai has led a quiet life, keeping the family teahouse up and running—even if that means ignoring the past-due notices—and taking care of his ailing mother. But he has a not-so-secret gift that he’s parlayed into a side career: he was born with the ability to see the red threads of fate between soulmates, which lends itself nicely to matchmaking. Sai has thus far been content not to follow his own thread, the only one he’s ever seen that’s gray and fraying.But Sai’s ordinary existence is about to be turned upside-down by a pair of shining dragon scales. When his mother’s doctor sells them to him, claiming them as a miracle cure, Sai is pretty sure he’s being scammed. When the medicine actually works—and the terrifying, ruthless emperor catches wind—Sai is thrust into the search for a dragon long thought extinct that will lead him into the throes of a brewing war and deep into foreign lands, facing down challenges both magical and mortal on an unexpected adventure. And for the very first time, as his own thread of fate begins to move, he may be able to solve the mystery of his Fated One at the other end of the line.

Italian Translation - Ne/on Libri (Coming 2025)

*The e-book version of Knives, Seasoning, and A Dash of Love is being released early on June 11th, 2024!


In this spicy workplace romance, a hotheaded celebrity chef finds himself drawn to his inexperienced new hire. But when her bubbly attitude collides with his sharp edges, can they handle the heat, or will their love be a recipe for disaster?Meet Alexander Chen, one of the most talented chefs to ever grace the culinary world of French haute cuisine. He rules his kitchen with an iron fist and fiery temper, so it’s no secret that if you can’t handle the heat, he’ll gladly toss you out with the trash. As one of the first Chinese-American chefs to claw his way to the top, he has a lot to prove and a massive chip on his shoulder.But he wasn’t always like this. Meet Eden Monroe, his newly hired sous chef—who may or may not have (definitely) embellished a lot on her resumé to land herself the job. She knew him back when he still went by his real name, Shang. He used to be sweet and helpful and definitely not the second coming of the devil himself.Eden won’t say anything, though, no matter how hot her curiosity burns. Especially not if it could cost her this job, which she needs if she has any hope of hiring a private detective to find something she lost long ago.All she needs to do is fly under the radar. It’s just a shame that she and her new boss butt heads more often than they fulfill orders. But what happens when things finally boil over, and they discover the feelings between them are spicier than they ever imagined?